Maki Motapanyane, PhD




I received my Ph.D. through the Graduate Programme in Women's Studies at York University. My M.A. in Women's Studies is from Dalhousie University, and I hold a B.A. Hons. in History and Political Science from the University of New Brunswick.

I have taught Women's Studies, African Studies and Sociology courses at York University, Thorneloe University, and Saint Louis University.

Selected Publications 

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Community involvement and collective social justice efforts beyond the academy are an important part of my intellectual life. I have served on the programming committee of the North York Women's Centre (Toronto, Canada), am a founding member of the Toronto Women of Colour Collective, have served with the Immigrant and Refugee Women's Program in Saint Louis (Missouri, USA), and have several years of experience as a mentor and counsellor to African-Canadian youth in Nova Scotia (Canada). I am currently based in Calgary, Alberta.