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Motapanyane, M., ed. Motherhood and Lone/Single Parenting: A 21st Century Perspective. Bradford: Demeter Press, 2016.

Posted by Maki Motapanyane on March 3, 2014 at 2:00 AM

The 21st century sustains one significant commonality with the decades of the preceding century. The majority of individuals parenting on their own and heading one-parent families continue to be mothers. Even so, current trends in (economic, political, cultural) globalization, technological advancement, shifts in political, economic and social policy, contemporary demographic shifts, changing trends in the labor sector linked to global economics, and developments in legislative and judicial output, all signify the distinctiveness of the moment with regard to family patterns and norms. Seeking to contribute to an existing body of literature focused on single motherhood and lone parenting in the 20th century, this collection explores a more recent landscape of 21st century debates, policies and experiences surrounding single motherhood and one-parent headed families.

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